Add-On Services


Flexible Solutions

Have a look at our services and other products. You can also send us a customized service or installation request that you want us to assist you with, and we will calculate the price accordingly.
We are flexible, and if you have an idea of a recurrent service or subscription, you would like us to have, please feel free to contact us.

Site Maintenance Service
/ Yearly or Monthly Payment

Let us monitor your website and take care of the overall site health and performance.

Professional Email Setup
/One-Time Payment

A personalized email address works as advertising for your company or brand

WebHosting Service
/One-Time Payment

Let us help you choose a  suitable web- hosting and do the setup and installation.

Newsletter Subscription
/One-Time Payment

Let us set up your automated email collection and your scheduled newsletters.

Payment System Setup
/One-Time Payment

Installation of various payment options for Credit Cards such as PayPal or Stripe. 

Booking System Setup
/One-Time Payment

Let us help you with an appointment/Booking system integrated with your calendar. 

Product Video
/One-Time Payment

Let us create your product or brand video for YouTube or Social Media. Etc…

/One-Time Payment

Let us design your company or brand logo for your website or Social Media.

Free Consultation
/30 Min Free Call

Contact us for a free 30 min consultation to discuss your project ideas and needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

The Logo price is based on your requirements and whether it's a standard format, animated, etc.
Send us a quotation request, and we'll calculate the price accordingly to your wishes and requirements.


We can make the format you want. 

The most common Logo Formats are : 

  • AI.
  • EPS.
  • PDF
  • SVG.
  • PNG.
  • JPG.

The Logo includes the following templates: 

  • Website Logo
  • Social Media Icon 
  • Social Media full Logo
  • Letterhead
  • Business Card 


It all depends on the video's content, quality, and length.
Some videos are as simple and short as 10 seconds and cost about $100. An estimated guideline is a 30-sec video will cost around $450.
It all depends on your request and requirements.
Send us a quotation request, and we'll calculate the price accordingly to your wishes and requirements.


It all depends on the Video's content, quality, and length.
Some videos are as simple and short as 10 seconds and will take about 2 Business days to make.
For longer Videos, it takes about 5-7 business days.
Send us a quotation request, and we'll estimate how long we need to make the Video according to your wishes and requirements.


The recurring payment is a payment model where the customers authorize the merchant to automatically pull funds from their Credit Card at regular intervals for the goods and services provided to them on an ongoing basis.
Once the customers give permission, the amount will be automatically deducted at predefined intervals until the customer retracts their consent or the subscription expires. The customers are charged the same amount each time with fixed or regular payments. Gym memberships and magazine subscriptions are some examples of regular recurring payments.

An online booking system is a piece of software which allows a potential customer to book and pay for an activity or service through your website or mobile app.


A custom email domain is the name of your brand or website domain that you use to generate email addresses for your company instead of using the email provider's generic name. For example, a custom email domain can be used to create email addresses in the format [email protected]


Website maintenance can impact your business's first impressions, SEO strategy, security and sales. Whether you're a business owner or creating a blog, you'll want to make sure that when people and search engines land on your site, they will immediately see the benefits of your site's offerings — or risk losing them.

If you go too long without regular website maintenance, your site could suffer in the process. Your website will begin to run slow, stop converting leads, potentially house malware and get hacked, causing problems for those who click on it. It could even stop working altogether.