Website Security & How to Protect


What is website security? Website security is any action taken or application put in place to ensure website data is not exposed to cybercriminals or to prevent website exploitation in any way. These actions help protect sensitive data, hardware, and software within a website from the various attacks currently. Implementing the proper security solutions will […]

Do i need a Password Manager?


Yes, of course, you do; it’s one of the best ways to stay secure online. We’ll explain how to set one up. It sounds troublesome, but every one of your accounts needs a unique password constructed out of capital and lowercase letters, numbers and symbols. (Yes, using “password123” for everything isn’t cut.) As tempting as […]

Weakest passwords of 2022


Regardless of the many warnings, vast quantities of individuals are utilizing effectively guessable passwords, for example, swear words, VIP names, urban communities, creatures, or console groupings, with half of those noticed comprising only a single word. Clients don’t appear to be persuaded that a decent secret word is the one you can’t recall – “123456” […]

WhatsApp data leak: 500 million user!


Somebody purportedly sells state-of-the-art cell phone quantities of almost 500 million WhatsApp clients. On November 16, an entertainer posted a promotion on a notable hacking local area gathering, guaranteeing they were selling a 2022 data set of 487 million WhatsApp client mobile numbers. The dataset purportedly contains WhatsApp client information from 84 nations. Danger Entertainer […]