Why use a CDN?

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What are the main CDN benefits? A content delivery network (CDN) is a group of servers spread out over a region or worldwide that work together to speed up content delivery on the web. The servers in a CDN temporarily store (or cache) webpage content like images, HTML, JavaScript, and video. They send the cached content to […]

Is Website Speed Important?


Why Is Your Website Speed So Important? Picture this scenario. You’re visiting a website for the first time, and it takes more than a few seconds to load properly — which is years in ‘Internet time.’ Ask yourself: Do you stay on the page or close the window?  Chances are, you’re probably long gone, never to […]

Do i need a Caching Plugin?


Regarding optimizing your website, the role of caching in WordPress can never be underestimated. Quite a lot has been talked about caching on the internet in general. Yet, it remains a relatively less utilized feature among a large WordPress user base. What exactly is caching all about? We know it can speed up our websites, […]