ChatGPT could transform MS Office

Microsoft is far from alone in making these claims, and ChatGPT’s talents, which include advanced text generation and answering questions, are potentially transformative. But how exactly might AI tools and machine learning change Microsoft 365, formerly known as Microsoft Office?

Microsoft recently said that AI’s impact on our lives would be as sizable as the PC and internet which is something you might expect from a company that’s just invested billions of dollars into OpenAI, the maker of ChatGPT.

There needs to be a timescale for Microsoft’s integration of OpenAI’s technology into its productivity apps, which include Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook and Microsoft Teams. But the process has already started, and recent reports suggest that Microsoft will soon add ChatGPT’s talents to its Office suite and Bing search engine, which could change how we use them.

Based on what we know of ChatGPT’s talents and how they could apply to Microsoft 365, here are five ways that AI tech will likely change how we use apps like Outlook, Word and PowerPoint.

Microsoft Office, now known as Microsoft 365, already has a few AI-powered tools thanks to Project Turing. Since 2017, the latter has delivered features like Assistive AI (see below) for suggested email replies and ‘Smart Find’ for searching your docs.

But OpenAI tools like ChatGPT promise to dovetail with Microsoft’s AI research to supercharge those functions and unlock new ones. Thanks to its language processing and data analysis skills, Microsoft’s partnership with ChatGPT could help.

(Credit: techradar.com)

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