Design & inspiration

We believe that inspiration can come from many sources, and we hope these Demo Websites will ignite your creativity. We encourage you to share any design ideas or preferences as we work together toward the website of your dreams.

Customer satisfaction is our top priority, and we can’t wait to partner with you to achieve it. Have a look, and maybe you will get an idea or inspiration for how your new website will look. 

Remember, the websites provided are just Demo Examples to give you an idea of what’s possible – let’s push the boundaries and create something truly amazing!

Our packages will suit you or your business if you want to get started with an e-commerce, business website, or blog and want a high-quality, customized solution at a reasonable price.

Whether you have experience running an e-shop or writing a blog, we can help you get started and walk you through how everything works – from how to authorize your orders to how to easily update your e-shop or upload a new blog post yourself.

Prices & Estimating

“How much does it cost?” is an important question, second only to “will it meet my needs.” Our approach strategically brings the two together — we believe in smart solutions and not trying to oversell anyone a service they don’t need. By uncovering your needs first, we’ll use our expertise to diagnose your unique situation and create a custom scope of work with you that guides the extent and depth of our work together in an initial project.

We have well-defined estimating processes for several types of engagement, including website redesigns (typically a one-time project) and iterative inbound, digital marketing, and growth-driven design (GDD) approaches to improving your sales and marketing performance over time. We prefer to build custom solutions and plans that meet our client’s needs and requirements.

What impacts pricing?

Creative work can be done on a continuum of effort from marginal to extensive and everything in between. The more requirements and requests within a project, the longer it will take to implement and complete, meaning the cost will rise. The variables that affect pricing are ultimately time and resource-based.

In our “Initial Start” process, we aim to be transparent in our pricing so you can better understand what impacts the estimated pricing of your project to make more informed decisions about where best to invest based on value. We’ll help you navigate the value of different deliverables and guide you through to a final number for our estimate.

Feel free to present any ideas and thoughts on how you would like your website designed and customized to suit your needs and requirements. Send us a Request, and we will calculate the price accordingly.

Demo Design Examples

The BBQ Place
Steak House
Coffee House:
Travel & Tourism
Spa & Wellness
Yoga Instructor
eCommerce Store
eCommerce Store
eCommerce Store
Makeup Artist
Voiceover Artist


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