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Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization, commonly known as SEO, is a digital marketing technique to help your website get listed on Google’s first search results pages. This technique can increase the chances of visitors viewing your website and clicking on it, ultimately resulting in more sales and profits.  With the help of on-site outreach, blog content, keywords, and backlinks, SEO can transform your website into a brand, product or service company.

In all our website packages, we do standard SEO Optimisation and install a plugin to help with the SEO automation.

For larger projects and special website requests, please send us a quotation Request, and we will set up a meeting to discuss your requirements, and we will set the price according to our agreement. 

Why is it important to do SEO?

SEO or search engine optimization is the method and effort to rank well in the organic search results of search engines.

Google, the most common search engine, uses an algorithm to return relevant pages linked to the search. By getting exposure on Google, you can increase your website’s organic traffic, increasing conversion rates.

The simple answer is that if you’re not visible, you don’t exist. There are lots of searches every day, and by using SEO, you can get traffic that you would otherwise miss. Most people who search click on a link on the home page.

That means you can reach your customers better if you appear on the first page of search results. In addition, a high ranking creates more credibility for your business, as the first ranking is relevant to Google and other consumers.

SEO Checklist

1. Choose keywords. Start by choosing keywords relevant to your content and the audience you want to find for it so there is little competition in the search results.

2. Title tags and meta description files Ranking in search results determines how many people find your page and how your content is presented there. You can control this in your publishing tool by writing clear, relevant, engaging, and engaging title tags and meta descriptions with keywords at the beginning.

Keep an eye on the maximum length, which changes occasionally to avoid truncated text. Limiting the title to around 50 characters and the description to about 150 is safest. If you do not enter a title tag or meta description, the title and description of the text will be used as a presentation in the search results. If this is the case, ensure the search engines optimize them similarly.

3. Organise the text. Keep it short (at least 300 words) and organize the content for optimal digital reading. Subheadings are mandatory, and bulleted lists or fact boxes are good ideas for your readers to create more landing points. Ensure the keyword is included in the first paragraph, in the center headings, and elsewhere in the text.

4. Remember links. The web is full of horrific examples of incomprehensible link text. Make sure that page links are clear, readable, and contain keywords. Feel free to link to relevant pages on your or someone else’s site, too – the link text is descriptive, attractive, and delivers what it promises.

5. Describe your photo. Img-1.jpg says nothing about the image; instead, it is named after what it represents. Avoid numbers and include keywords. You can also tell search engines what your image represents by adding an alternative description (alt text) that includes keywords in your publishing tool.

E-mail with own Domain

Our professional email installation service offers a customized email solution that enhances your company’s image and customer communication. We understand the importance of a personalized and professional email, so our email service aims to create a smooth experience for you and your customers while enhancing your brand.

Our setup service costs depend on how many email addresses you need and whether we need to move an old email account with your emails. Contact us today to get started with our professional email setup service.

Your Domain Name

Maintaining a professional image is an essential part of establishing your credibility online. Matching your email address to your domain name is important to increase your personal or company web project’s credibility. While many free email options are available, using a professional email address is crucial for businesses today. Trying to save funds may be tempting, but investing in a professional email address is well worth the dollars you spend.

Using a business domain name in your email address shows that your company is genuine and well-established. Customers will trust you more when they see that you use a professional email address.

When you reach out to potential or existing customers or other businesses, having an email address like [email protected] looks more professional and trustworthy than [email protected]

So, invest in a professional email address to maintain a credible image and establish trustworthiness with your clients.

First impressions & branding

It is crucial for new businesses to make a positive first impression. Since email is the most widely used form of communication, especially for prospecting clients, having a professional email address is essential. 

A professional-looking email address instantly establishes trust and credibility, setting an optimistic tone for all interactions.

Email communication is an essential marketing tool that can create a lasting impression on potential customers or clients. It’s crucial to ensure that messages sent from a corporate address reflect the professionalism and credibility of your brand. 

Using a personal email address without your company name risks your emails getting overlooked amidst a sea of other emails, ultimately limiting your opportunities to establish your brand identity effectively.

With a professional email address, you can instil trust and confidence in your recipients and foster a positive image of your business. It demonstrates that you are a reliable and competent company that takes its communication channels seriously. 

Therefore, investing in a corporate email address is highly recommended to help enhance your brand reputation and create a lasting impression in every email communication.


According to a recent survey, a significant majority of respondents, specifically 75%, felt that a professional email address was critical in establishing trust with a business. Incorporating your business name in your email address enhances its appeal and professionalism. The study further highlights that emails from professional-looking addresses are more likely to be opened by prospective customers compared to those from generic email platforms like @yahoo, @gmail, @hotmail, or @aol. 

By using a professional email address, you increase brand awareness as customers will recognise and recall your company name from your address. In turn, this familiarity may lead to more engagement with your business.

Flexibility & control

Opting for a professional email setup offers many benefits to businesses. By setting up unique email addresses for each department, you can divert messages to the relevant person or team. 

For example, you can use a marketing@ email address to connect directly with the marketing manager or entire team, or use a finance@ address to reach the financial manager or team. 

This approach ensures that the appropriate individuals respond to enquiries, and customers can easily communicate without needing to know about personnel changes within the company. 

Furthermore, utilising separate departmental email addresses can decrease the volume of messages that need forwarding onto others, which saves you valuable time. By giving you more control over your communications, a professional email setup offers improved organisation, flexibility, and efficiency for your business.

What is Website maintenance?

Website maintenance involves various tasks that keep a website updated and running smoothly. These tasks include managing working links, updating the website content, fixing broken links, and monitoring the site’s performance. 

Additionally, regular backup of the site and maintaining its security are the essential aspects of web maintenance.

Through all these tasks, it aims to achieve the website’s purpose and potential, which makes website maintenance vital to ensure a successful online presence. 

In summary, monitoring the website traffic, updating the content, and ensuring the website’s security, all fall under the umbrella of website maintenance.

Why is Website maintenance important?

As a small business owner or blogger, it’s crucial to ensure your website is always up to date-and functioning correctly. Website maintenance is a necessary part of achieving this goal. It involves regular monitoring and addressing technical issues to improve the user experience, minimise downtime, and enhance your site’s visibility in search engine rankings.

Website maintenance can be challenging, but luckily we offer assistance. Our Website maintenance service subscription provides comprehensive support to oversee all aspects of your website maintenance. We will monitor and promptly address all issues to ensure your site is functional, user-friendly and optimised.

We offer monthly subscriptions, allowing flexibility and making it easy for you to focus on your core business while we take care of your website. Our team of experts is committed to delivering high-quality service to keep your site running efficiently and effectively.

Contact us today to learn more about our website maintenance services.

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Web Hosting & Installation Service

We understand that as a new website owner, you want to focus on the content and functionality of your website rather than on the technical aspects of web hosting. For this reason, we offer a web hosting installation service that can meet your needs.

Choosing a web host is relatively easy. However, finding the right web host for you and your needs is tricky. There are many different web hosts with price ranges from around $10 to several hundred dollars per month. All of them are attracted to offers and try to make themselves as good as possible so that you will click the buy button.

But what should you choose? What are the most important things to consider?

We can help by making recommendations and providing instructions on finalizing your purchase so everything goes smoothly.

Please take a look below at our Installation Service. We help with everything from purchase and installation assistance to configuration.

There are three options depending on how much help you want and whether you want extra optimization of your products

Five Basic points for choosing a Web Host

1. Uptime and reliability –

When someone visits your website, you want (and probably expect) it to be available and working properly. If your visitors are met with an error message instead, they’ll likely move on to a competitor. And you lose a contact or a deal. A high uptime is the most fundamental aspect of a good web host. Uptime is the amount of time (in days, hours, and minutes) a website is up and available.

So, what does high uptime mean? No web host has 100 percent uptime, but choose one as close to 100 percent as possible.

2. Technology –

Do you want to use WordPress for your website? Maybe you need Windows-based web hosting that supports Microsoft technologies. Or do you run a popular online shop and need a solution optimized for e-commerce? Make sure you choose a provider with hosting environments that support and are adapted to the software and platforms you work with.

3. Support –

Need help installing an SSL certificate on an old domain? Did your WordPress site stop working after you upgraded a plugin? Or has something gone wrong with your latest invoice? Whatever your problem – big or small – a good web host should have a competent and well-staffed support organization that is there for you through thick and thin. Because you will encounter problems sooner or later, such is the life of a website owner.

4. security –

Some web hosts prioritize security more than others—poor security means, among other things, an increased risk of being hacked. Plus, there are many other annoyances that you can do without. Of course, no environment is 100 percent secure against different types of cyber threats, but the environments of the less good hosting providers are often more vulnerable.

5. Speed –

It can be very frustrating to invest your money in creating a beautiful and professional website with great information only to find that it loads slowly. This can negatively impact your visitors’ experience – very few people want to sit around waiting for your page to load. In addition, Google often penalizes slow websites by ranking them lower in the search results. A fast website is crucial nowadays, especially considering how many people use their phones for browsing.

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WebHost Installation & Configuration Service



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Flexible solutions

As a professional service provider, we understand the importance of having an efficient appointment and payment system and a Email Marketing Service. Our solutions lets your customers book appointments and make payments online and  streamlining the process and increasing your revenue. 

We customize your Website to meet your exact business requirements and ensure that it includes all the necessary. You can also send us a customized service or installation request that you want us to assist you with, and we will calculate the price accordingly.

We are flexible, and if you have an idea of a recurrent service or subscription you would like us to have, please feel free to contact us.

Every installation is unique - No fixed prices.

Every installation is unique and has different conditions and requirements. So therefore we have no fixed price!

If you want a service, send us a quote request, and we will contact you with a price when we know your wishes and requirements.

Below are some examples of services we offer: