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Our professional email installation service offers a customized email solution that enhances your company’s image and customer communication.

We understand the importance of a personalized and professional email, so our email service aims to create a smooth experience for you and your customers while enhancing your brand.

Our setup service costs depend on how many email addresses you need and whether we need to move an old email account with your emails.

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Your Domain Name

Maintaining a professional image is an essential part of establishing your credibility online. Matching your email address to your domain name is important to increase your personal or company web project’s credibility. While many free email options are available, using a professional email address is crucial for businesses today. Trying to save funds may be tempting, but investing in a professional email address is well worth the dollars you spend.

Using a business domain name in your email address shows that your company is genuine and well-established. Customers will trust you more when they see that you use a professional email address.

When you reach out to potential or existing customers or other businesses, having an email address like [email protected] looks more professional and trustworthy than [email protected]

So, invest in a professional email address to maintain a credible image and establish trustworthiness with your clients.

First impressions & branding

It is crucial for new businesses to make a positive first impression. Since email is the most widely used form of communication, especially for prospecting clients, having a professional email address is essential. 

A professional-looking email address instantly establishes trust and credibility, setting an optimistic tone for all interactions.

Email communication is an essential marketing tool that can create a lasting impression on potential customers or clients. It’s crucial to ensure that messages sent from a corporate address reflect the professionalism and credibility of your brand. 

Using a personal email address without your company name risks your emails getting overlooked amidst a sea of other emails, ultimately limiting your opportunities to establish your brand identity effectively.

With a professional email address, you can instil trust and confidence in your recipients and foster a positive image of your business. It demonstrates that you are a reliable and competent company that takes its communication channels seriously. 

Therefore, investing in a corporate email address is highly recommended to help enhance your brand reputation and create a lasting impression in every email communication.


According to a recent survey, a significant majority of respondents, specifically 75%, felt that a professional email address was critical in establishing trust with a business. Incorporating your business name in your email address enhances its appeal and professionalism. The study further highlights that emails from professional-looking addresses are more likely to be opened by prospective customers compared to those from generic email platforms like @yahoo, @gmail, @hotmail, or @aol. 

By using a professional email address, you increase brand awareness as customers will recognise and recall your company name from your address. In turn, this familiarity may lead to more engagement with your business.

Flexibility & control

Opting for a professional email setup offers many benefits to businesses. By setting up unique email addresses for each department, you can divert messages to the relevant person or team. 

For example, you can use a marketing@ email address to connect directly with the marketing manager or entire team, or use a finance@ address to reach the financial manager or team. 

This approach ensures that the appropriate individuals respond to enquiries, and customers can easily communicate without needing to know about personnel changes within the company. 

Furthermore, utilising separate departmental email addresses can decrease the volume of messages that need forwarding onto others, which saves you valuable time. By giving you more control over your communications, a professional email setup offers improved organisation, flexibility, and efficiency for your business.


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