The Importance of Website Backup

The importance of website backups is not mentioned until it is essential. But when your site’s fate depends on having a website backup, you will blame yourself for not doing it.

Avoid any trouble by backing up your site regularly. This article will explain the importance of website backups.

Every morning, you wake up and brush your teeth. It’s a good habit. Get in the habit of backing up your site, or hand over this responsibility to a web development agency.

What is a website backup?

Website backup is a copy of all important files that are saved to an external source. You decide what exactly to include in the backup.

Which files should you back up?
  • Core files
  • The theme, plugins, uploads
  • Configuration files
  • Database
  • Other valuable information
What is a website backup? 

A backup guarantees that your site can be completely restored after any problems and crashes.

A site backup helps if you inadvertently delete some important elements, if a theme or plugin/module harms your site, or if the website is hacked.

Is website backup necessary?

As we already mentioned, website backups can be compared to the importance of keeping your teeth clean or doing backups on your computer.

The website backup is necessary. They make it possible to restore your website with minor details if something happens. A backup is one of the basic steps for creating a safe website.

Why is backing up your website important?

There are many reasons why backing up your website is important. Let’s take a closer look.

  • Viruses can slowly destroy important documents.
  • Updates can be done incorrectly.
  • You can make mistakes.
  • Your site may be broken on purpose
  • Your PC can crash
You can make mistakes.

Not only are hackers scary for your sites. Sometimes you can cause even more problems than someone else can. For example, you can install the wrong plugin or module and damage the site’s normal operations. The backup will help to return everything to its place.

Your site may be broken on purpose.

Even the smallest and most secure sites can be broken. For example, today, by lunchtime, 32,706,000 were broken. Even if you are among them, if you have a backup of the site, you can restore the work and appearance of your site in the shortest possible time.

Your PC can crash

Storing backup in your computer’s memory is as good as anywhere, but it shouldn’t be the primary place. Computers break down too. For a calm and sweet sleep at night, you need to save a backup in 3 areas:

  • On the computer
  • On overcast storage
  • On the live site
Viruses can slowly destroy important documents.

Malware and viruses are put on the Internet for the sole purpose of harming your site. Once on your site, they make changes and often eat up your site from the inside. Over time, it breaks down. Website backup ensures that you can restore it to work correctly.

Updates can be done incorrectly.

Yes, yes, you read that correctly. Sometimes new updates can damage your site. This can happen if it is not suitable for your site, is overloaded, has insufficient memory, is incompatible with recent changes, and many other nuances.

However, not updating is also not an option. Your site becomes susceptible to hacking and viruses. In this case, the importance of website backups is to ensure that whatever happens, you can always restore your site.

What are the benefits of backup?

The most important advantage of backup is restoring your site to the latest version you need.

However, this is not the only benefit. Let’s take a quick look at other essential importance of website backups.

Top 9 Benefits of Data Backup
  1. You can access your files wherever you are. This requires a few seconds and the Internet.
  2. You don’t need to worry about data loss. All files will be in secure cloud storage, even if a natural disaster strikes.
  3. Website backup is another layer of website protection. In the event of a hacker attack, or infection by harmful content, you will not lose your site.
  4. It gives your company great reliability. You can recover any files at any time.
  5. It is easy to set up. The backup will be done automatically if you schedule the whole process correctly.
  6. You save a lot of money. First of all, you save money on equipment. Secondly, if your website has been hacked and there is no backup, it is impossible to restore it completely, and you will lose money.
  7. Website backups also protect your business reputation.
  8. It is possible to configure a selective backup. You can only make copies of those files, folders, and drives you want.
  9. Cloud storage can be used with local storage. This solution provides a higher level of security.
How often should I back up my website?

First, we would like to note that it should REGULARLY be. You will want to restore the site to the latest version. The backup that was made six months ago is not very suitable for this.

How often you need to make a backup depends on how often you change and update something on your site. A good option is to make a backup every week. If you want and need to, you can do it more often.

How to Perform a Website Backup?

Website backup’s importance cannot be overstated. Performing regular backups helps create an extra layer of safety. This is your contingency insurance.

We hope the information shared by our website maintenance experts has clarified the situation with backup, why you need to do it, and how often. Any additional questions?

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