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We understand that as a new website owner, you want to focus on the content and functionality of your website rather than on the technical aspects of web hosting. For this reason, we offer a web hosting installation service that can meet your needs.

Choosing a web host is relatively easy. However, finding the right web host for you and your needs is tricky. There are many different web hosts with price ranges from around $10 to several hundred dollars per month. All of them are attracted to offers and try to make themselves as good as possible so that you will click the buy button.

But what should you choose? What are the most important things to consider?

We can help by making recommendations and providing instructions on finalizing your purchase so everything goes smoothly.

Please take a look below at our Installation Service. We help with everything from purchase and installation assistance to configuration.

There are three options depending on how much help you want and whether you want extra optimization of your products

Five Basic points for choosing a Web Host

1. Uptime and reliability –

When someone visits your website, you want (and probably expect) it to be available and working properly. If your visitors are met with an error message instead, they’ll likely move on to a competitor. And you lose a contact or a deal. A high uptime is the most fundamental aspect of a good web host. Uptime is the amount of time (in days, hours, and minutes) a website is up and available.

So, what does high uptime mean? No web host has 100 percent uptime, but choose one as close to 100 percent as possible.

2. Technology –

Do you want to use WordPress for your website? Maybe you need Windows-based web hosting that supports Microsoft technologies. Or do you run a popular online shop and need a solution optimized for e-commerce? Make sure you choose a provider with hosting environments that support and are adapted to the software and platforms you work with.

3. Support –

Need help installing an SSL certificate on an old domain? Did your WordPress site stop working after you upgraded a plugin? Or has something gone wrong with your latest invoice? Whatever your problem – big or small – a good web host should have a competent and well-staffed support organization that is there for you through thick and thin. Because you will encounter problems sooner or later, such is the life of a website owner.

4. security –

Some web hosts prioritize security more than others—poor security means, among other things, an increased risk of being hacked. Plus, there are many other annoyances that you can do without. Of course, no environment is 100 percent secure against different types of cyber threats, but the environments of the less good hosting providers are often more vulnerable.

5. Speed –

It can be very frustrating to invest your money in creating a beautiful and professional website with great information only to find that it loads slowly. This can negatively impact your visitors’ experience – very few people want to sit around waiting for your page to load. In addition, Google often penalizes slow websites by ranking them lower in the search results. A fast website is crucial nowadays, especially considering how many people use their phones for browsing.

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